A Certified SOA Analyst has demonstrated proficiency in the modeling of service APIs, microservice APIs, service compositions and the definition of service portfolio blueprints, through the mastery of service modeling processes, business service definition practices and related patterns and principles.

To achieve this certification, the following exams must be completed with a passing grade:
Exam S90.01B: Fundamental SOA, Services & Microservices
Exam S90.03B: Design & Architecture with SOA, Services & Microservices
Exam S90.04B: Fundamental SOA Analysis & Modeling with Services & Microservices
Exam S90.05B: Advanced SOA Analysis & Modeling with Services & Microservices
Exam S90.06B: SOA Analysis & Modeling Lab with Services & Microservices

Certified SOA Analysts are capable of decomposing different types of business intelligence, entity models and business process logic into functional boundaries that constitute individual service and microservice candidate APIs. These functional boundaries are modeled in alignment with the overarching business and also in alignment with each other so as to achieve a collection of complementary and composable services. Certified SOA Analysts are further trained to model service APIs in support of specific service implementation environments.