Helping you achieve success in your education and career goals is our top priority. At Arcitura, we understand that everyone has different requirements and preferences when it comes to self-study. This is why we provide our entire library of over 100 course modules via two separate eLearning platforms. Learn more here about the benefits of each platform so that you can decide which works best for you.

Interactive eLearning
Study Kits
Subscription Duration Monthly or Yearly Yearly
Access Online Online and Offline
Time to Access Immediate Upon Purchase Up to 1 Business Day After Purchase
Course Format Individual Workbook and Video Lessons Workbook PDFs and Video Files in Folder
Exercise Format Interactive Exercises, Automatically Graded Exercises Part of Workbook
Self-Test Format Interactive Self-Test, Automatically Graded Questions Provided in Flash Card Format
Practice Questions for Certification Exam Available Separately as Part of Exam Prep Kit that Provides Interactive, Graded Quizzes Included as Part of Exam Prep Guide Document
Custom Annotations, Comments Not Supported Supported and Synced with Online/Offline
Custom Bookmarks Not Supported Supported and Synced with Online/Offline
Content Searches Not Supported Document and
Cross-Document Searches Supported
Digital Completion Certificate Provided Upon Passing
Not Provided
Digital Training Badge Available for Purchase Not Available

Every Arcitura course is comprised of multiple course modules (which is why they are sometimes referred to as Multi-Module Courses).

Some courses are standalone and have no prerequisites, while other, more advanced courses do have prerequisite courses that should be completed first.

Each course has its own description page which further indicates its prerequisites and the course modules it encompasses. (Here’s an example.)

Each course is available via Online Interactive eLearning and eLearning Study Kits. Each course corresponds to a certification.

Each course module covers a set of topics relevant to its overarching course or track. A module can be comprised of workbook content, video content, posters and other supplements.

There are three types of course modules:

  • Fundamental Modules – Usually the first module in a course. However, some cross-topic course tracks (such as those in the Digital Transformation Professional Academy) position fundamental modules later in the track agenda.
  • Advanced or Subsequent Modules – The modules that follow a fundamental module cover more advanced topics for which completion of the preceding fundamental module is a prerequisite.
  • Lab Modules – This type of module usually concludes a course track and does not introduce new topics. Instead, it provides a series of case study-driven exercises that require you to solve real-world problems by applying the knowledge you gained from completing preceding fundamental and advanced modules.

Each course module is designed to be completed in approximately 10 hours of self-study or in one day of instructor-led training.

Related course modules are bundled together into online interactive eLearning courses. For example, the Fundamental Blockchain, Advanced Blockchain and Blockchain Lab course modules are bundled to form the Blockchain Architecture Course. Most interactive courses contain 3 modules and some contain 2 modules.

Interactive courses are instantly provided to you upon purchase. They make course module content accessible via an online platform that provides interactive exercises that are automatically graded, as well as a self-test that is also automatically graded. Upon passing the self-test of an interactive course you become eligible to receive a digital Certification of Completion and you can also order a digital Training Badge from Acclaim/Credly.

Consider Online Interactive eLearning if you would like:

  • Immediate access to the course content
  • Online study with module workbook and video content divided into lessons
  • Interactive exercises and practice exam content that is automatically graded
  • To pay less for short subscription periods
  • To receive a digital completion certificate and/or digital training badge

Each course module is available as an eLearning study kit (or just eLearning kit). Related modules are bundled together as an eLearning study kit bundle (or just eLearning kit bundle). For example, the Fundamental Blockchain, Advanced Blockchain and Blockchain Lab course modules are bundled to form the Blockchain Architect eLearning Kit Bundle. Most eLearning kit bundles contain 3 modules.

For every interactive course there is a corresponding eLearning kit bundle so that you can always choose an option that suits you best.

eLearning kits are provided to you within one business day upon purchase. They make workbook and video content accessible via an online account that provides course booklets as PDF documents supplemented with video lesson files. In this account you can add your own annotations, comments and bookmarks to course documents. You can access the module content online or offline and the account will keep your annotations, comments and bookmarks synced.

Consider eLearning Study Kits if you would like:

  • Online and offline study with complete module workbooks
  • Support for custom annotation, comments and bookmarks
  • Cross-document searches
  • Flexibility to purchase one module at a time

Arcitura’s library of over 100 course modules is organized into five programs:

Within each program, modules are organized into tracks. Each track corresponds to a professional certification. There are over 40 Professional Certifications, each of which can be attained by passing a certification exam that is available via Pearson Vue and/or direct proctoring.

For each certification there is a corresponding:

  • course available via Online Interactive eLearning
  • course available as an eLearning Study Kit Bundle

This means that to prepare for any of the certification exams you can choose the eLearning option that works best for you!

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