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in Vendor-Neutral IT
Training + Certification

  • AI & CLOUD AIProfessional

    10 Courses with 23 Modules and 10 Certifications

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  • Digital Transformation Professional

    9 Courses with 18 Modules and 9 Certifications

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  • Next-Gen IT Academy

    8 Courses with 24 Modules and 8 Certifications

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  • Next-Gen Data Science Academy

    9 Courses with 19 Modules and 9 Certifications

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  • Cloud ComputingSchool

    9 Courses with 18 Modules and 9 Certifications

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  • ServiceTechnologySchool

    9 Courses with 20 Modules and 9 Certifications

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Courses & Professional Certifications

eLearning Self-Study

For maximum flexibility, all Arcitura courses are available via different eLearning platforms, each with different features.

Instructor-Led Training

Arcitura and authorized training partners can deliver private online or onsite training workshops taught by Certified Trainers.

Live Virtual Coaching

Enrolled learners can hire Certified Trainers to provide virtual coaching services on an hourly basis in all time zones.

Professional Certifications & Exams

Each Arcitura course corresponds to a formal professional certification. For each certification, a proctored exam is available. Exams are available separately or at a discount together with courses, as part certification bundles.

What You Learn from Arcitura Courses

Learn from an
Extensive Curriculum

Arcitura provides one of the largest and most comprehensive vendor-neutral IT education programs in the world.

Learn about
the Latest in IT

Arcitura courses and certifications cover contemporary topics from an IT industry perspective.

Learn about
Real World IT

When you take an Arcitura course you learn about a field of practice as it exists in the real world, not specific to any vendor.

What’s in an Arcitura Course


Each course provides a comprehensive curriculum with 2-8 modules and 20-80 hours of training.

More Than Just
Video Lessons

In addition to standard video lessons, courses include full-color workbooks and reference posters for all lessons.

Interactive & Graded

Courses also include interactive and graded exercises, interactive and graded self-tests and other supplements.

A separate Training & Certification Guide PDF is available for each course, complete with outlines for all course modules.
Visit this page and click the Learn More button for a course to view its details and download its PDF.

Take Your Skills Anywhere

Regardless of whether you are an individual looking to boost your career or an organization looking to up-skill a team, Arcitura courses and certifications provide a sound investment.

Because both courses and accreditations are vendor-neutral, they empower you with skills and credentials that you can take to wherever you need to go.

Course & Certification Tracks

Every Arcitura course is comprised of multiple course modules. Arcitura’s library of over 120 course modules is organized into six programs. Each program has a curriculum comprised of modules that are organized into tracks. Each track corresponds to a course and a professional certification.

Explore Arcitura programs and tracks here:

AI & Cloud AI
Professional Academy

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Digital Transformation
Professional Academy

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Next-Gen IT

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Next-Gen Data Science

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Cloud Computing

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Service Technology

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Learn About Arcitura: Take the Video Tour

Watch these helpful informational videos to learn about Arcitura programs, courses and certifications.

About Arcitura

About Arcitura Courses

About Arcitura Certifications

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The Arcitura Difference


  • is authored by a dedicated courseware development team
  • has a self-test, accreditation exam and professional certification
  • is made available to you in three eLearning formats


  • undergo a common development process
  • are authored to be consistent in quality, structure and style
  • share a common vocabulary and symbol notation
  • are authored in collaboration with subject matter experts

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