Certified Big Data Governance Specialist

A Certified Big Data Governance Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in establishing and administering Big Data governance frameworks that standardize and regulate the Big Data lifecycle, the bodies of data processed by Big Data solutions, as well as the Big Data environments themselves.


The estimated release date of this certification is TBA.

Courses and Study Kits

The Big Data Governance certification track is associated with the following courses, study kits and eLearning kits. The courses can be delivered via instructor-led training. The study kits and eLearning kits include the course materials and additional supplements designed for self-study.

BDSCP Module 1, Module 2, Module 13, Module 14 and Module 15

Big Data Governance Certification Study Kit Bundle

Big Data Governance Certification eLearning Kit Bundle


To achieve this certification, the following exams must be completed with a passing grade:
–  Exam B90.01: Fundamental Big Data
–  Exam B90.02: Big Data Analysis & Technology Concepts
–  Exam B90.13: Fundamental Big Data Governance
–  Exam B90.14: Advanced Big Data Governance
–  Exam B90.15: Big Data Governance Lab