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Big Data Science Professional

Big Data Scientist

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Cloud Governance Specialist

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Cloud Storage Specialist

Cloud Technology Professional

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Digital Transformation Data Science Professional

Digital Transformation Data Scientist

Digital Transformation Intelligent Automation Professional

Digital Transformation Intelligent Automation Specialist

Digital Transformation Security Professional

Digital Transformation Security Specialist

Digital Transformation Specialist

Digital Transformation Technology Architect

Digital Transformation Technology Professional

IoT Architect

Junior Big Data Science

Junior Cloud Computing

Junior Digital Transformation

Machine Learning Specialist

Microservice Architect

RPA Specialist

Service API Specialist

Service Governance Specialist

Service Security Specialist

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SOA Architect

SOA Professional



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Become a Training Partner

Whether you are with a private training provider, an academic institution, or part of an organization interested in bringing training in-house, Arcitura Education has a set of flexible partnering and licensing models that can accommodate a broad range of requirements and budgets. 

Licensed Training Partner Program

Arcitura course modules and Certified Professional programs can be licensed by eligible third-party organizations. Licensing is an effective option for training partners interested in making Arcitura courses and workshops available to regional markets and for organizations to deliver internal training programs via in-house Certified Trainers.

Licensing is available on several levels, each with its own licensing model:

  • Program – An entire school’s curriculum can be licensed on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis. 
  • Certification – The courses that comprise a given certification track can be selectively licensed for training providers and private organizations that need only to focus on a specific subset of a school’s overall curriculum. 
  • Module – Specific course modules can be individually licensed. This model is especially convenient for training companies and academic institutions that are interested in making one or more existing Arcitura course modules part of existing programs and curricula.
  • Translation – In cooperation with Arcitura courseware developers, course modules and exams can be translated into regional languages. This model can be combined with any of the aforementioned licensing models.

Authorized Training Partner Program

The Authorized Training Partner model is used by organizations that prefer to collaborate on an event-by-event basis for the delivery of training workshops and courses. This model is a good fit for training providers that only need to offer a limited number of public workshops. It is also suitable for academic institutions and conference organizers interested in supplementing planned events with training and certification workshops.

Authorized Training Center Program

An Authorized Training Center acts as agent for Arcitura or a Licensed Training Partner in specific geographical regions. This “no obligation” model is suitable for those organizations interested in being affiliated with Arcitura Education or established Licensed Training Partners for the third-party delivery of training courses.

Referral Program

Organizations that have clients interested in Arcitura workshops but that do not wish to deliver such workshops themselves can benefit from the referral program. By referring workshop opportunities to Arcitura, organizations are eligible to receive referral fees based on the revenue generated by the referred workshops.

To inquire about any of the above partner programs, contact: