Exam S90.ARB:
Gen 2 SOA Architect
Combined Recertification Exam

A passing grade on Exam S90.ARB achieves the Gen 2 SOA Architect Certification.

Duration: 150 minutes

Availability: Pearson VUE Testing Centers Worldwide, Pearson VUE Online ProctoringOn-Site Proctoring

This exam can only be made available to individuals that already possess the Gen 1 SOA Architect Certification or have been previously granted eligibility by Arcitura Education. Eligible candidates that pass exam S90.ARB will not be required to pass exams S90.01B, S90.02B, S90.03B, S90.07B and S90.08B individually in order to achieve the Gen 2 SOA Architect Certification. Furthermore, by passing exam S90.ARB, eligible candidates will receive full credit for having passed exams S90.01B, S90.02B, S90.03B, S90.07B and S90.08B on their transcripts. This will enable those candidates to pursue other Gen 2 SOACP certifications without having to retake pre-requisite fundamental exams (such as exams S90.01B, S90.02B and S90.03B).


A Pearson VUE voucher for this exam can be purchased at the online store on the Exam S90.ARB product page.

The official study resources for this exam are the SOACP Gen 2 SOA Architect Recertification Study Kit  and the Gen 2 SOA Architect Recertification eLearning Kit. To purchase this exam voucher at a discount together with either Study Kit, visit the product page on the online store and choose the voucher for Exam S90.ARB as an add-on. Bundles that include either of these Study Kits may also offer this voucher as a discounted add-on.

This voucher code can be redeemed online when scheduling the exam for delivery at a Pearson VUE testing center or via Pearson VUE Online Proctoring. The voucher can only be used once and will be set to expire one year as of the date of purchase.