A Certified SOA Professional has a proven understanding of the fundamentals of services, microservices, APIs and service-oriented architecture, as well as common technologies and business considerations.



The SOA Professional track can be comprised of SOACP Module 1 plus either Module 2 or 3, the outlines for which are provided in the upcoming pages. Depending on the exam format chosen, attaining the SOA Professional certification can require passing a single exam or multiple exams. Upon achieving the accreditation, certification holders receive a formal digital certificate and an Acclaim/Credly digital badge with an account that supports the online verification of certification status.

This certification is often issued as an interim accreditation to recognize the attainment of baseline proficiency for IT professionals pursuing one or more specialized SOACP certification tracks. However, the Certified SOA Professional designation is also issued as a standalone accreditation for IT professionals who only require a high-level of proficiency. Examples of IT professionals that may only require the Certified SOA Professional accreditation can include consultants, project managers, executive IT managers, business analysts and technical pre-sales professionals.


You can take exams anywhere in the world via Pearson VUE testing centers, Pearson VUE online proctoring and Arcitura on-site exam proctoring at your location. There are two options:

  • Complete the exams for SOACP Modules 1 plus either Module 2 or 3.
  • Achieve any other SOACP certification. (The SOA Professional accreditation is automatically issued upon obtaining any one of the other SOACP certifications, because they all encompass Modules 1 plus either Module 2 or 3.)

Note that not all exam formats may be available via all exam delivery options. Contact info@arcitura.com for more information regarding your preferred exam option.

Note also that the above exam requirements are in effect as of October 27, 2018 after which this certification is also available in an honors designation for those that pass both required exams with grades 10 percentage points higher than the passing grades.