Certified Machine Learning Specialist

A Certified Machine Learning Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in machine learning methods, models and algorithms and can design scalable machine learning systems capable of solving complex business problems.



A Certified Machine Learning Specialist understands how and where machine learning and deep learning technology and techniques are best utilized to produce business value. Machine learning algorithms and system design principles are of second nature to the Certified Machine Learning Specialist, who further possesses in-depth knowledge of deep learning techniques, as well as supervised, semisupervised and unsupervised machine learning processing models and approaches. A Certified Machine Learning Specialist further has an understanding of how machine learning relates to and can be utilized together with data science and artificial intelligence.

Courses and Study Kits

The Machine Learning Specialist certification track is associated with the following courses, study kits and eLearning kits. The courses can be delivered via instructor-led training. The study kits and eLearning kits include the course materials and additional supplements designed for self-study.

Machine Learning Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3

Machine Learning Specialist Certification Study Kit Bundle

Machine Learning Specialist Certification eLearning Kit Bundle


To achieve this certification, Exam ML90.01 must be completed with a passing grade.