A Certified DevOps Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in DevOps processes, metrics and models and has acquired specialized skills to put DevOps techniques into real-world practice.



A Certified DevOps Specialist understands the requirements to successfully apply DevOps in support of achieving project objectives and realizing strategic business goals. Along with a solid understanding of DevOps process stages, techniques and models, a Certified DevOps Specialist is also required to be proficient in the monitoring and measuring of DevOps initiatives to ensure that entire project lifecycles are carried out as planned.

Courses and Study Kits

The DevOps Specialist certification track is associated with the following courses, study kits and eLearning kits. The courses can be delivered via instructor-led training. The study kits and eLearning kits include the course materials and additional supplements designed for self-study.

 DevOps Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3

DevOps Specialist Certification Study Kit Bundle

DevOps Specialist Certification eLearning Kit Bundle


To achieve this certification, Exam DO90.01 must be completed with a passing grade.