Next-Gen IT Certifications

Next-Gen IT certifications are formal specialist accreditations that prove proficiency in contemporary fields of practice and modern IT technologies. To obtain a specialist certification, a given candidate is required to pass an exam comprised of a range of questions, including lab-style questions.

A Certified DevOps Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in DevOps processes, metrics and models and has acquired specialized skills to put DevOps techniques into real-world practice.

Exam: DO90.01

Certified Blockchain Architect has demonstrated proficiency in Blockchain functions, architecture and security and has acquired specialized skills to assess and design real-world Blockchain solutions.

Exam: BC90.01

A Certified Machine Learning Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in machine learning methods, models and algorithms and can design scalable machine learning systems capable of solving complex business problems.

Exams: ML90.01

A Certified Artificial Intelligence Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in artificial intelligence (AI) approaches and algorithms, and proven skills for designing and validating AI solutions and modeling neural networks.

Exams: AI90.01

A Certified IoT Architect has demonstrated proficiency in IoT technology architecture, protocols, mechanisms and security, and has acquired specialized skills to assess, design and deliver real-world IoT solutions.

Exam: IoT90.01

A Certified Containerization Architect has demonstrated proficiency in containerization technology and architecture, along with specialized skills for assessing, designing and securing highly available container-hosted services and solutions.

Exam: CN90.01

An Arcitura Certified Trainer has completed at least one specialized certification with honors, has demonstrated exceptional communication abilities, and has sufficient hands-on project experience to meet the qualifications required to teach Arcitura courses.

Benefits of Certification

A certification is a formal documentation of accomplishments that proves that a candidate has demonstrated theoretical knowledge and practical know how in a particular field of practice. The attainment of a Next-Gen IT certification enables successful candidates to obtain proficiency in contemporary areas of IT responsible for important and modern innovations that are redefining the IT landscape.