Next-Gen IT Academy

DevOps, Blockchain, IoT, Containerization,
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and moreā€¦

About the Next-Gen IT Academy

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  • The Next-Gen IT Academy from Arcitura is dedicated to providing an ever-growing variety of training courses and accreditations in contemporary technologies and fields of practice within the IT industry. Important and modern innovations that are redefining the IT landscape and that have reached a sufficient state of maturity are researched and documented into sets of courses that form the basis for formal certifications.

    Unlike Arcitura schools that provide comprehensive curricula dedicated to single topic areas, the Next-Gen IT Academy is a broad program that covers a range of diverse topic areas focused on next-generation information technology innovations, such as DevOps, Blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), Containerization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

  • For each topic area covered within the Next-Gen IT Academy, a set of 3 courses is developed. These courses can be taken purely for training purposes or they can also be taken for exam preparation purposes. For each topic area covered there is a single final exam. Achieving a passing grade on this exam achieves a specialist certification that is automatically issued by Arcitura. Exams will be available via Pearson VUE and via on-site delivery by Certified Trainers.

    The Next-Gen IT Academy will continue to introduce courses and certifications for new topic areas throughout the coming years. Depending on the interest and popularity of the courses and certification for a given Next-Gen IT topic area, further specialized courses and certifications for that topic area may be developed. In this case, the topic area may turn into its own, new Arcitura school.

Explore Certification Tracks with the Next-Gen IT Matrix

The Next-Gen IT Academy program offers 6 certification tracks dedicated to DevOps, Blockchain, IoT, Containerization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Visit the Next-Gen IT Matrix page for an overview of the certification tracks and their associated course modules. Use this matrix to plan your path to accreditation!