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The Junior Digital Transformation Professional Certification program is comprised of a set of courses and an exam dedicated to the exploration of the digital transformation technologies and innovations. This program will dive into many different topics and will provide a broad overview of modern information technology (IT) advancements that have become very important throughout the world.

The three courses in this program will teach you about many cutting-edge technologies, how they work individually, and how they work together to establish highly connected and sophisticated environments that can truly transform how organizations work and function.

If you complete the courses as part of a virtual or on-site class, you will receive an official digital Certificate of Completion, as well as a digital Training Badge from Acclaim/Credly. See below for more information about registering for instructor-led classes.

To achieve the Junior Cloud Computing Professional Certification, you will need to complete Exam DT90.J01 with a passing grade. By achieving this certification, you will have demonstrated an understanding of fundamental Big Data concepts, practices and tools, including techniques associated with data analysis, analytics and machine learning.

If you attain this certification, you will receive an official digital Certificate of Excellence, as well as a digital Certification Badge from Acclaim/Credly, with an account that supports the online verification of your certification status.

Program Details

The Junior Digital Transformation Professional certification track is comprised of two courses and one exam, as follows:

  • Junior Digital Transformation  Module 1 (7.5 hours instructor-led or up to 15 hours self-study)
  • Junior Digital Transformation  Module 2 (7.5 hours instructor-led or up to 15 hours self-study)
  • Junior Digital Transformation  Professional Certification Exam DT90.J01 (45 minutes online or onsite proctoring)

The courses can be delivered via 15 hours of instructor-led training.

A printed and eLearning version of the self-study kit is also available for purchase. The kit includes the base course materials and additional supplements designed for self-study. The recommended self-study time allocation is up to 30 hours.

The exam can be taken via Pearson VUE online proctoring from your or at Pearson VUE testing centers around the world.

Availability: Courses Available Now / Exam DT90.J01 Available October, 2020

Register for a Class

Register for Virtual Instructor-led Classes:

Private Virtual Instructor-led Classes Available (contact for details)

Program Details

The eLearning and printed self-study kit and the Pearson VUE exam voucher can be pre-ordered at the Online Arcitura Store.

Note that the Pearson VUE exam voucher is available at a discount when purchased as an add-on with a class registration or with the purchase of the self-study kit.