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About the CCP Program

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  • Certification Benefits
  • The Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) program from Arcitura is dedicated to excellence in the fields of cloud computing technology, mechanisms, platforms, architecture, security and governance. A collection of 18 courses establishes a set of 7 vendor-neutral industry certifications with different areas of specialization.

    Founded by best-selling author Thomas Erl, this curriculum enables IT professionals to develop real-world cloud computing proficiency. Because of the vendor-neutral focus of the course materials, the skills acquired by attaining certifications are applicable to any vendor or cloud platform. 

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  • Each CCP Certificate of Excellence is a formal documentation of accomplishments that proves that a candidate has demonstrated proficiency in a formalized field of practice within the cloud computing industry. The attainment of a CCP certification brings with it several benefits that allow successful candidates to master cloud computing from an industry and vendor-neutral perspective, become proficient

    in cloud computing concepts, technologies and practices, learn about the mature and proven parts of the cloud computing industry, become recognized as accredited cloud computing professionals, better assess commercial products, platforms and services offered by cloud providers and cloud computing product vendors and be assigned project roles and responsibilities suitable for skillsets proven by their certification. 

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Explore Certification Tracks with the CCP Matrix

The Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) program offers 7 certification tracks, each dedicated to a specialized field of practice within the cloud computing industry. Visit the CCP Matrix page for an overview of the certification tracks and their associated CCP courses. Use this matrix to plan your path to accreditation!