Virtual Coaching

Supplement your eLearning subscription or your instructor-led training workshop participation with virtual coaching hours. Arcitura Certified Trainers are available to provide online coaching services that can be scheduled on an hourly basis. Scheduling is available in all time zones and is based on your preferences and trainer availability. You can order one coaching hour at a time.

Virtual coaching is flexible and effective as a support for achieving your learning goals. Examples of how virtual coaching can be used include:

  • One-on-One Informational Sessions – During an individual coaching session, you can focus on the topics and questions most important to you. You can go over specific parts of course content or ask for further elaboration of topics covered in coaches.
  • Group Information Sessions – You can organize virtual coaching sessions attended by a group of individuals. This is especially common during or after instructor-led workshops. During these sessions, different participants can ask questions or engage in group conversations.
  • One-on-One Exam Review Sessions – If you’ve taken a certification exam and you would like to learn more about how or why you didn’t achieve the grade you had hoped for, you can arrange a session with a virtual coach who can provide you with some insights and guidance.
  • Teaching Sessions – All virtual coaches are Certified Trainers. This means that if there is a section or a part of a course that you would like the virtual coach to teach you, from start to end, you can arrange a session for that purpose.
A virtual coach is there to provide you with whatever learning assistance you need. Contact Arcitura to learn more about scheduling virtual coaching sessions: