If you are with a private training provider, a public school, an academic institution, or a reseller of educational products or services, you can apply for your organization to become an Authorized Arcitura Partner.

To become an Authorized Arcitura Partner requires:

  • No Membership Fee
  • No Financial Commitment

Authorized Arcitura Partners are provided with highly competitive pricing and a large range of significant partner benefits, including the following:

  • Learner Access to Digital Course Files for Nominal Fees
  • Access to Highly Discounted Course File and Exam Bundles
  • Access to Print-Ready Course Documents
  • Option to Provide Learners with Course Document Downloads or Online Only Access
  • Large Discounts on all 100+ Arcitura Pearson VUE Exams (with no minimum order requirements)
  • Large Discounts on all 100+ Arcitura eLearning Kits (with no minimum order requirements)
  • Partner Account for Self-Service Partner Portal with Access to 500+ Educational Products
  • Official Authorized Partner Badge with Acclaim/Credly Account
  • Access to Partner Marketing Library with 100+ Ready-to-Use Marketing Assets

In addition, partners and partner learners receive the following services provided by Arcitura:

  • Provisioning of Digital Course Documents to Partner or Partner Learners
  • Creation + Maintenance of Learner Accounts and Transcripts
  • Issuance of Digital Accreditation Certificates to Learners
  • Issuance of Digital Accreditation Badges to Learners (via Acclaim/Credly)
  • Issuance of Digital Certificates of Completion to Learners
  • Issuance of Digital Training Badges to Learners (via Acclaim/Credly)
  • Issuance of Self-Study Course Materials for Partner Trainer Candidates

For more information, contact: partners@arcitura.com