Microservice Architect
Certification eLearning Study Kit Bundle

This eLearning Study Kit Bundle provides on-line and off-line access to course materials for self-paced study and exam preparation to complete the Microservice Architect Certification.

The Certification eLearning Study Kit Bundle includes the following eLearning Study Kits:
Module 1 eLearning Study Kit: Fundamental SOA, Services & Microservices
Module 2 eLearning Study Kit: Service Technology Concepts
Module 9 eLearning Study Kit: Fundamental Microservice Architecture & Containerization
Module 10 eLearning Study Kit: Advanced Microservice Architecture & Containerization
Module 11 eLearning Study Kit: Microservice Architecture & Containerization Lab




$396 USD (Order Now)

Note that this eLearning Study Kit Bundle can alternatively be purchased as an add-on for the printed Microservice Architect Study Kit Bundle for only $198.

Purchase eLearning Kits One at a Time and Still Get the Bundle Price

This certification bundle price is based on a 20% discount applied to all eLearning Study Kits. To purchase a certification bundle you are not required to purchase all of the eLearning Study Kits in the bundle at the same time. You can purchase eLearning Study Kits one at a time. As long as they are licensed to the same person, a bundle discount can be applied when all kits in a bundle have been ordered.