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Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Big Data Architect

Big Data Consultant

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Governance Specialist

Big Data Professional

Big Data Science Professional

Big Data Scientist

Blockchain Architect

Business Technology Professional

Cloud Architect

Cloud Governance Specialist

Cloud Professional

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud Storage Specialist

Cloud Technology Professional

Cloud Virtualization Specialist

Containerization Architect

Cybersecurity Specialist

DevOps Specialist

Digital Transformation Data Science Professional

Digital Transformation Data Scientist

Digital Transformation Intelligent Automation Professional

Digital Transformation Intelligent Automation Specialist

Digital Transformation Security Professional

Digital Transformation Security Specialist

Digital Transformation Specialist

Digital Transformation Technology Architect

Digital Transformation Technology Professional

IoT Architect

Machine Learning Specialist

Microservice Architect

RPA Specialist

Service API Specialist

Service Governance Specialist

Service Security Specialist

Service Technology Consultant

SOA Analyst

SOA Architect

SOA Professional

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SOACP Gen 1 Certifications

SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) Gen 1 certifications are formal accreditations that prove proficiency in specific areas of services-based technology, computing and architecture. To obtain a certification, candidates are required to pass a set of exams. Some exams provide credit toward two or more certifications, whereas other exams are specific to one certification track.

To view a grid that shows the relationships between exams and certifications, visit the SOACP Gen 1 Matrix page.

The following are the official SOACP Gen 1 certifications:


A Certified SOA Professional has completed one specialized certification, multiple specialized certifications, or has met minimum SOACP qualifications by demonstrating proficiency in service-oriented computing fundamentals and one additional area.

Exams: S90.01A plus one additional Version A exam

A Certified SOA Consultant is required to obtain a balanced proficiency in a cross-section of the most important topic areas, with an emphasis on concepts, principles, practices, and technologies associated with service-oriented computing and service engineering.

Exams: S90.01A, S90.02A, S90.03A, S90.04A, S90.05A

A Certified SOA Analyst has demonstrated proficiency in the service-oriented analysis of conceptual services and service blueprints through the mastery of service modeling techniques, business service definition practices, service-orientation principles, and related methodology.

Exams: S90.01A, S90.03A, S90.04A, S90.06A, S90.07A

A Certified SOA Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the mechanics of service-oriented computing through the mastery of patterns, principles, practices, and industry-standard technologies required to engineer modern-day service-oriented solutions.

Exams: S90.01A, S90.02A, S90.03A, S90.08A, S90.09A

A Certified SOA Java Developer has proficiency with the development of distributed solutions using Java programming technologies and tools, and has attained proven mastery of applying service-orientation to the programming and implementation of services-based Java solutions.

Exams: S90.01A, S90.02A, S90.03A, S90.05A, S90.10A, S90.11A, S90.12A

A Certified SOA .NET Developer has proficiency with the development of distributed solutions using .NET programming technologies and tools, and has attained proven mastery of applying service-orientation to the programming and implementation of services-based .NET solutions.

Exams: S90.01A, S90.02A, S90.03A, S90.05A, S90.10A, S90.13A, S90.14A

A Certified SOA Governance Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in defining, establishing, and evolving governance frameworks, precepts, and processes in support of organizational and technological SOA governance requirements.

Exams: S90.01A, S90.03A, S90.04A, S90.15A, S90.16A, S90.17A

A Certified SOA Security Specialist has comprehensive knowledge of common threats and vulnerabilities associated with service-oriented solutions and modern service technologies, and has demonstrated proficiency in establishing security extensions for contemporary service-oriented architectures through the mastery of security patterns, practices, and industry technologies.

Exams: S90.01A, S90.02A, S90.03A, S90.18A, S90.19A, S90.20A

An Arcitura Certified Trainer qualified to teach SOACP courses has typically completed at least one specialized SOACP certification with honors, has demonstrated communication abilities, and has relevant project experience.


Benefits of Certification

A certification is a formal documentation of accomplishments that proves that a candidate has demonstrated theoretical knowledge and practical “know how” in a particular field. The attainment of an Arcitura SOACP certification brings with it several benefits that allow successful candidates to:
– Become Proficient with Vendor-Neutral, Real-World SOA
– Focus on Mature and Proven Parts of the SOA Industry
– Become a Project Ready SOA Professional
– Join the AITCP Community

To automatically receive notifications about upcoming certifications, exams and courses, connect with one of the Arcitura Community social media channels.