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Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Big Data Architect

Big Data Consultant

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Governance Specialist

Big Data Professional

Big Data Science Professional

Big Data Scientist

Blockchain Architect

Cloud Architect

Cloud Governance Specialist

Cloud Professional

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud Storage Specialist

Cloud Technology Professional

Cloud Virtualization Specialist

Containerization Architect

DevOps Specialist

Digital Transformation Architect
(coming soon)

Digital Transformation Technology
Professional (coming soon)

IoT Architect

Junior Big Data Science

Junior Cloud Computing

Junior Digital Transformation

Machine Learning Specialist

Microservice Architect

Service API Specialist

Service Governance Specialist

Service Security Specialist

Service Technology Consultant

SOA Analyst

SOA Architect

SOA Professional


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SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) Gen 1

Master Service-Oriented
Architecture & Technology

About the SOACP Gen 1 Program

  • Curriculum Overview
  • Certification Benefits
  • Gen 2 versions of several SOACP courses, exams and certifications have been released. SOACP Gen 1 courses, exams and certifications will remain active, supported and recognized until December 31, 2022. SOACP Gen 1 self-study kits will also remain available for sale at the online store until December 31, 2022.

    Learn More about SOACP Gen 1 & Gen 2
  • Each SOACP Gen 1 Certificate of Excellence is a formal documentation of accomplishments that proves that a candidate has demonstrated proficiency in a formalized field of practice within the SOA industry. The attainment of an SOACP Gen 1 certification brings with it several benefits that allow successful candidates to master services and service-oriented technology architecture from an

    industry and vendor-neutral perspective, become proficient in related concepts, technologies and practices, learn about the mature and proven parts of the industry, become recognized as an accredited SOA professional, better assess established commercial products, platforms and services offered by product vendors and be assigned project roles and responsibilities suitable for skillsets proven by their certification.

    Learn More about SOACP Gen 1 Certifications

Explore Certification Tracks with the SOACP Gen 1 Matrix

The SOACP Gen 1 program offers 8 certification tracks, each dedicated to a specialized field of practice within the SOA and service technology industries. Visit the SOACP Gen 1 Matrix page for an overview of the certification tracks and their associated SOACP Gen 1 courses. For information regarding how SOACP Gen 1 certifications relate to Gen 2 certifications, visit the SOACP Gen 1 and Gen 2 Q&A page. Use this matrix to plan your path to accreditation!