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On November 2, 2017 a new version of the SOACP curriculum was announced. This new version represents a second generation of courses and exams that has been developed in response to industry developments and innovations related to service-oriented architecture, service technology, microservices, containerization and API design and management. As a result, a new generation of certifications has also been announced. The following Q&A sections explain how the introduction of this new curriculum relates to the original (first generation) SOACP curriculum and certifications.

Note that on this page, the two curricula are distinguished by the Gen 1 and Gen 2 qualifiers. Throughout this Website and in associated documents and materials, the Gen 1 qualifier is generally used to identify the original curriculum, whereas the Gen 2 qualifier is not usually used to identify the new curriculum.

Does each SOACP Gen 1 course have a counterpart within the SOACP Gen 2 curriculum?
No, the Gen 2 curriculum was redeveloped to include course content from the Gen 1 curriculum and combine it with new content and courses. Visit the Gen 1 and Gen 2 certification matrices for a comparison.

Has the SOACP Gen 1 curriculum been retired and discontinued?
No, all Gen 1 courses, exams, self-study kits and certifications will continue to remain available until December 31, 2022.

What is the difference between SOACP Gen 1 and Gen 2 certifications? 
The Gen 2 curriculum is introducing new certifications. Some are titled the same as Gen 1 certifications whereas others are different or entirely new. All certifications introduced by the Gen 2 curriculum have new certification criteria.

Which Gen 1 certifications have Gen 2 counterparts?
Certified SOA Professional in Gen 1 is Certified SOA Professional in Gen 2
Certified SOA Architect in Gen 1 is Certified SOA Architect in Gen 2
Certified SOA Analyst in Gen 1 is Certified SOA Analyst in Gen 2
Certified SOA Consultant in Gen 1 is Certified Service Technology Consultant in Gen 2
Certified SOA Specialist in Gen 1 is Certified Service Governance Specialist in Gen 2
Certified SOA Security Governance Specialist in Gen 1 is Certified Service Security Specialist in Gen 2
Certified SOA QA Specialist in Gen 1 is Certified Service QA Specialist in Gen 2

Which Gen 1 certifications have been superseded in Gen 2?
The Certified SOA .NET Developer and Certified SOA Java Developer accreditations from Gen 1 have been superseded by the Certified API Design & Management accreditation in Gen 2.

Which Gen 2 certifications are new?
The Certified Microservice Architect and Certified Service API Specialist accreditations are new.

I have a Gen 1 certification. How can I achieve the Gen 2 equivalent certification?  
Your current Gen 1 certification is valid until December 31, 2022. If you are interested in obtaining the corresponding Gen 2 certification, please contact us to explore options. Please note that a Combined Gen 2 SOA Architect Recertification Exam will be available for individuals that have obtained the Gen 1 SOA Architect Certification.

Can I still take SOACP Gen 1 exams?
Yes, all published Gen 1 exams will remain available for on-site testing and at testing centers until December 31, 2022. When taking Gen 1 exams with Pearson VUE, be sure to look for the “A” qualifier in the exam codes, as explained below.

I have an unredeemed SOACP Gen 1 exam voucher. Can I exchange it for the corresponding Gen 2 exam voucher?
Yes, please contact us at with your Gen 1 voucher code.

How can I distinguish between SOACP Gen 1 and Gen 2 exams?
SOACP exam codes have a version code qualifier. Gen 1 exams are qualified with an “A” and Gen 2 exams are qualified with a “B”. For example, exam S90.01A is a Gen 1 exam and exam S90.01B is a Gen 2 exam. Note that when locating exams on the Pearson VUE Website, the Gen 1 exams are sometime shown without the version code qualifier. For example, exam S90.01A may sometimes be shown as exam S90.01.

I have recently purchased an SOACP Gen 1 self-study kit or taken an SOACP Gen 1 exam. Do I need to pay full price for the corresponding Gen 2 kit or exam?
Please contact us at with your inquiry. Based on how long ago you purchased Gen 1 products, you may be eligible for discounts on corresponding Gen 2 products.

Please feel free to contact us at with any further questions regarding the SOACP Gen 1 and Gen 2 programs.