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SOACP Module 16 eLearning Study Kit:
Advanced Service Governance &
Project Delivery

This eLearning Study Kit provides on-line and off-line access to the materials in the Module 16: Advanced Service Governance & Project Delivery Study Kit, which includes the base course materials and additional supplements designed for self-paced study and/or exam preparation. The materials in this eLearning Study Kit can be used only for training purposes or to help prepare for Exam S90.SGO: Service Governance Specialist Certification or Exam S90.16B: Advanced Service Governance & Project Delivery.

The enhanced eLearning environment offers a range of features, including software-free setup, custom annotations, outline-driven navigation, custom bookmarks, multi-document viewing and full-text searching.


$99 USD for One Year Subscription (Order Now)

Note that this eLearning Study Kit can alternatively be purchased as an add-on for the printed SOACP Module 16 Study Kit for only $49.

eLearning Course Contents

This eLearning Study Kit subscription provides on-line and off-line access to electronic versions of the following course materials:


Certification Bundles

This eLearning Study Kit is available at a discount as part of the following eLearning Certification Study Kit Bundles:
Service Governance Specialist Certification eLearning Study Kit Bundle
Service Governance Specialist (Partial) Certification eLearning Study Kit Bundle

Each eLearning Certification Study Kit Bundle is priced at a 20% discount. You receive this bundle discount immediately when purchasing any one of the eLearning Certification Study Kit Bundles. You can also receive the bundle discount when purchasing eLearning Study Kits individually, as long as the individual eLearning Study Kits are registered using the online Study Kit Registration Form. The outstanding bundle discount is then applied as soon as all remaining eLearning Study Kits in a bundle are purchased.

Fact Sheet

Download a printable PDF document with information about this study kit and its corresponding course module.