SOACP Module 10 eLearning Study Kit :
Advanced Microservice Architecture & Containerization

This digital Study Kit provides on-line access to course materials for self-paced study and exam preparation.

The coverage of this eLearning Study Kit corresponds to:
–  Module 10: Advanced Microservice Architecture & Containerization
–  Exam S90.10B: Advanced Microservice Architecture & Containerization


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Note that this eLearning Study Kit can alternatively be purchased as an add-on for the printed SOACP Module 10 Study Kit for only $99.


eLearning Course Contents


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Certification or Just Training

The topic coverage in this eLearning Study Kit are suitable for exam preparation and general training purposes. Therefore, this eLearning Study Kit is available for purchase with and without a pre-paid Pearson VUE exam voucher. You are only required to prepare for and take the exam if you are pursuing certification. If you have questions, please contact

Fact Sheet

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