Certified Service Quality Assurance Specialist

A Certified Service Quality Assurance Specialist has proven expertise with testing techniques and practices for shared services, microservices and service-oriented solutions, and has further acquired proficiency with required quality assurance processes and service certification assessment criteria.


Certified Service Quality Assurance Specialists have obtained proficiency in the testing and quality assurance techniques relevant to service implementations and further have been trained to how to distinguish techniques applicable to general services and microservices, as well as applicable to different types of service implementation environments.

Courses and Study Kits

The Service Quality Assurance Specialist certification track is associated with the following courses, study kits and eLearning kits. The courses can be delivered via instructor-led training. The study kits and eLearning kits include the course materials and additional supplements designed for self-study.

SOACP Module 1, Module 3, Module 21, Module 22 and Module 23

Service Quality Assurance Specialist Certification Study Kit Bundle

Service Quality Assurance SpecialistCertification eLearning Kit Bundle


To achieve this certification, the following exams must be completed with a passing grade:
Exam S90.01B: Fundamental SOA, Services & Microservices
Exam S90.03B: Design & Architecture with SOA, Services & Microservices
Exam S90.21B: Fundamental Quality Assurance for Services, Microservices & SOA
Exam S90.22B: Advanced Quality Assurance for Services, Microservices & SOA
Exam S90.23B: Quality Assurance Lab for Services, Microservices & SOA