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Service Governance Specialist Certification (Complete Bundle)

SOACP Certification Study Kit Bundle:
Service Governance Specialist (Complete)

This Certification Study Kit Bundle contains all of the course materials required to complete the Service Governance Specialist track and prepare for the Certified Service Governance Specialist accreditation.

This bundle contains the following Study Kits:

For more information about this Certification Study Kit Bundle, visit the Service Governance Specialist Certification Study Kit Bundle (Complete) page.

Also available are optional add-ons for the purchase of associated exam vouchers and eLearning Study Kits. The first add-on is for a discounted Exam S90.SGO voucher. The discounted complete Service Governance Specialist eLearning Study Kit Bundle add-on provides on-line and off-line access to the digital course materials and media content.

The additional eBook add-on is for the electronic versions of the Service-Oriented Architecture: Analysis & Design for Services and Microservices and SOA Principles of Service Design text books, published by Pearson Education and authored by Arcitura Education. These Pearson Education eBooks are recommended supplements used to complete reading exercises in the course materials and to provide more detailed coverage of some course topics.

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This Study Kit bundle includes a set of Audio Tutor recordings that provides supplementary guidance for the course workbooks. You will be able to download these audio files upon purchasing the Study Kit bundle. As per the Order Option checkbox above, you also have the option to have each file included on a separate physical USB drive as part of the Study Kit contents, at no extra charge. Please note that in some regions, including the USB drives in the shipment can incur an additional customs fee, as the shipment can no longer be classified as being comprised of only printed or paper-based materials.