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Cloud Governance Specialist Certification (Partial Bundle)

CCP Certification Study Kit Bundle:
Cloud Governance Specialist (Partial)

This partial Certification Study Kit Bundle contains the course materials for three of the five CCP modules you need to complete the Cloud Governance Specialist Certification program and prepare for the associated exam(s) required to attain the Certified Cloud Governance Specialist accreditation.

This Certification Study Kit Bundle contains the following Study Kits:

These Study Kits are offered together at a 20% bundle discount. For more information about this Certification Study Kit Bundle, visit the CCP Cloud Governance Specialist Certification Study Kit Bundle (Partial) page.

Also available are optional add-ons for the purchase of associated exam voucher and eLearning Study Kits. The first add-on is for a discounted Exam C90.CGO voucher. The Cloud Governance eLearning Study Kit Bundle (Partial) add-on provides on-line and off-line access to course materials and media content.

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This is a partial Certification Study Kit Bundle that is suitable if you have already completed CCP Modules 1 and 2 and passed Exams C90.01 and C90.02. If you have not yet completed these course modules and exams, and if you intend to attain the Cloud Security Specialist Certification then consider purchasing the