Cloud Technology Professional
Certification Study Kit Bundle

This Certification Study Kit Bundle provides you with the course materials you need to prepare for the exams required to complete the Cloud Technology Professional Certification.

The Certification Study Kit Bundle includes the following Study Kits:
Module 1 Study Kit: Fundamental Cloud Computing
Module 2 Study Kit: Cloud Technology Concepts
Module 3 Study Kit: Cloud Technology Lab

The three kits correspond to the Cloud Technology Professional Certification track and can be used for self-paced training purposes, as well as to prepare for the three exams required to attain this certification. The first two kits are prerequisites for all other courses and certifications in the CCP curriculum and the third kit provides a series of lab exercises that enable you to apply topics covered in the first two kits. This bundle provides you with everything you need to master the fundamentals of cloud computing and related technologies.


Retail Pricing

$717.60 USD (without exam vouchers)
$957.60 USD (including pre-paid Pearson VUE exam vouchers)


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Purchase Kits One at a Time and Still Get the Bundle Price

This certification bundle price is based on a 20% discount applied to all Study Kits. To purchase a certification bundle you are not required to purchase all of the Study Kits in the bundle at the same time. You can purchase Study Kits one at a time.

Note that to receive the bundle price you need to register each kit that you purchase using the online Study Kit Registration Form.

Certification Bundles

The materials in these Study Kits are suitable for exam preparation and general training purposes. Therefore, the Study Kits are available for purchase with and without a pre-paid Pearson VUE exam voucher. You are only required to prepare for and take the necessary exams if you are pursuing certification. If you have questions, please contact