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Artificial Intelligence Specialist

Big Data Architect

Big Data Consultant

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Governance Specialist

Big Data Professional

Big Data Science Professional

Big Data Scientist

Blockchain Architect

Business Technology Professional

Cloud Architect

Cloud Governance Specialist

Cloud Professional

Cloud Security Specialist

Cloud Storage Specialist

Cloud Technology Professional

Cloud Virtualization Specialist

Containerization Architect

Cybersecurity Specialist

DevOps Specialist

Digital Transformation Data Science Professional

Digital Transformation Data Scientist

Digital Transformation Intelligent Automation Professional

Digital Transformation Intelligent Automation Specialist

Digital Transformation Security Professional

Digital Transformation Security Specialist

Digital Transformation Specialist

Digital Transformation Technology Architect

Digital Transformation Technology Professional

IoT Architect

Machine Learning Specialist

Microservice Architect

RPA Specialist

Service API Specialist

Service Governance Specialist

Service Security Specialist

Service Technology Consultant

SOA Analyst

SOA Architect

SOA Professional

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The Pearson Digital Enterprise Series From Thomas Erl

Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Why this book is important 
1.2 Objectives of this book 
1.3 Who this book is for 
1.4 What this book does not cover 
1.5 How this book is organized 
1.6 Additional information

download (PDF 1,731 KB)


Chapter 7: Web Services and Contemporary SOA
(Part II: Advanced Messaging, Metadata & Security)

7.1 Addressing 
7.2 Reliable messaging 
7.3 Correlation 
7.4 Policies 
7.5 Metadata exchange 
7.6 Security 
7.7 Notification and Eventing

download (PDF 5,296 KB)


Chapter 8: Principles of Service-Orientation

8.1 Service-orientation and the enterprise 
8.2 Anatomy of a service-oriented architecture 
8.3 Common principles of service-orientation 
8.4 How service-orientation principles inter-relate 
8.5 Service-orientation and object-orientation 
8.6 Native Web service support for service-orientation principles

download (PDF 4,408 KB)