Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology, and Design

About this Book

This provides a comprehensive, end-to-end tutorial for SOA, Web Services and service-orientation. Erl uses more than 125 case study examples and over 300 diagrams to illuminate the most important facets of building SOA platforms: goals, obstacles, concepts, technologies, standards, delivery strategies, and process for analysis and design.

The book’s broad coverage includes

  • Detailed step-by-step processes for service-oriented analysis and service-oriented design
  • An in-depth exploration of service-orientation as a distinct design paradigm, including a comparison to object-orientation
  • A comprehensive study of SOA support in .NET and J2EE development and runtime platforms
  • Descriptions of over a dozen key Web services technologies and WS-* specifications, including explanations of how they interrelate and how they are positioned within SOA
  • The use of “in Plain English” sections, which describe complex concepts through non-technical analogies
  • Guidelines for service-oriented business modeling and the creating of specialized service abstraction layers
  • A study contrasting past architectures with SOA and reviewing current industry influences
  • Project planning and the comparison of different SOA delivery strategies

The goal of this book is to help you attain a solid understanding of what constitutes contemporary SOA along with step-by-step guidance for realizing its successful implementation.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Case Studies

Part I: SOA and Web Services Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Introducing SOA
Chapter 4: The Evolution of SOA
Chapter 5: Web Services and Primitive SOA

Part II: SOA and WS-* Extensions
Chapter 6: Web Services and Contemporary SOA (Part I: Activity Management and Composition)
Chapter 7: Web Services and Contemporary SOA (Part II: Advanced Messaging, Metadata, and Security)

Part III: SOA and Service-Orientation
Chapter 8: Principles of Service-Orientation
Chapter 9: Service Layers

Part IV: Building SOA (Planning and Analysis)
Chapter 10: SOA Delivery Strategies
Chapter 11: Service-Oriented Analysis (Part I: Introduction)
Chapter 12: Service-Oriented Analysis (Part II: Service Modeling)

Part V: Building SOA (Technology and Design)
Chapter 13: Service-Oriented Design (Part I: Introduction)
Chapter 14: Service-Oriented Design (Part II: SOA Composition Guidelines)
Chapter 15: Service-Oriented Design (Part III: Service Design)
Chapter 16: Service-Oriented Design (Part IV: Business Process Design)
Chapter 17: Fundamental WS-* Extensions
Chapter 18: SOA Platforms

Part VI: Appendices
Appendix A: Case Studies: Conclusion
Appendix B: Service Models Reference