Service-Oriented Architecture: A Field Guide to Integrating XML and Web Services

About this Book

Service-oriented computing is establishing itself as the de facto platform for contemporary business automation solutions. At the heart of this platform lies the powerful service-oriented architecture (SOA) model. The integration of SOA principles and technology is empowering organizations to build applications with unprecedented levels of flexibility, agility, and sophistication.

This guide will help you dramatically reduce the risk, complexity, and cost of integrating the many new concepts and technologies introduced by SOA. It brings together the first comprehensive collection of filed-proven strategies, guidelines, and best practices for making the transition toward the service-oriented enterprise.

  • Includes hundreds of individual integration strategies and more than 60 best practices for both XML and Web services technologies
  • Explores design issues related to a wide variety of service-oriented integration architectures that integrate XML and Web services into legacy and EAI environments
  • Provides a clear roadmap for planning a long-term migration toward a standardized service-oriented enterprise
  • Introduces key XML, Web services, and WS-* specifications

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part I: The technical landscape
Chapter 2: Introduction to XML technologies
Chapter 3: Introduction to Web service technologies
Chapter 4: Introduction to second-generation (WS-*) Web services technologies

Part II: Integrating technology
Chapter 5: Integrating XML into applications
Chapter 6: Integrating Web services into applications
Chapter 7: Integrating XML and databases

Part III: Integrating applications
Chapter 8: The mechanics of application integration
Chapter 9: Service-oriented architectures for legacy integration
Chapter 10: Service-oriented architectures for enterprise integration
Chapter 11: Service-oriented integration strategies

Part IV: Integrating the enterprise
Chapter 12: Thirty best practices for integrating XML
Chapter 13: Thirty best practices for integrating Web services
Chapter 14: Building the service-oriented enterprise