Each BDSCP certification requires the completion of a specific set of exams. In order to pass the required exams, you are encouraged to take the corresponding course modules listed on the Courses page.

The following are the official BDSCP exams:
–  B90.BAR: Combined Big Data Architect Certification Exam
–  B90.BSC: Combined Big Data Scientist Certification Exam
–  B90.BCO: Combined Big Data Consultant Certification Exam
–  B90.BEN: Combined Big Data Engineer Certification Exam
–  B90.BSP: Combined Big Data Professional / Big Data Science Professional Certification Exam
–  Exam B90.01: Fundamental Big Data
–  Exam B90.02: Big Data Analysis & Technology Concepts
–  Exam B90.03: Big Data Analysis & Technology Lab
–  Exam B90.04: Fundamental Big Data Analysis & Science
–  Exam B90.05: Advanced Big Data Analysis & Science
–  Exam B90.06: Big Data Analysis & Science Lab
–  Exam B90.07: Fundamental Big Data Engineering
–  Exam B90.08: Advanced Big Data Engineering
–  Exam B90.09: Big Data Engineering Lab
–  Exam B90.10: Fundamental Big Data Architecture
–  Exam B90.11: Advanced Big Data Architecture
–  Exam B90.12: Big Data Architecture Lab
–  Exam B90.13: Fundamental Big Data Governance
–  Exam B90.14: Advanced Big Data Governance
–  Exam B90.15: Big Data Governance Lab

Each exam has a unique code that contains the number of the module the exam corresponds to, plus an optional alphabetic version identifier. For example, Exam B90.01A is the code for the exam that corresponds to BDSCP Module 1: Fundamental Big Data. The “A” is the version identifier. Exam codes may be displayed with or without the version identifier. For example, you will see this exam referred to as B90.01 or B90.01A.

Honors Designation

Exams that are passed with a grade that is 10 or more percentage points greater than the passing grade are considered to have been passed with honors. For example, if an exam’s passing grade is 70%, then a grade of 80% or higher is required for the exam to be considered to have been passed with honors.

Whether you pass exams with a regular passing grade or with an honors grade is shown in your exam history on your AITCP account. If you pass all exams within a certification track with honors, a special version of the certificate is issued indicating that the accreditation was attained with honors and displaying a special gold-colored seal.

Exam Scheduling & Policies

Learn more about scheduling this exam at a Pearson VUE testing center or for delivery via Pearson VUE Online Proctoring by visiting

This exam may be available for on-site delivery and proctoring by an Arcitura Certified Trainer at eligible public and private workshops. Public workshops that include on-site exam proctoring are listed on the Workshop Calendar page. To learn more about on-site exam proctoring during private workshops, visit the Private On-Site Exam Proctoring page.

For policy information regarding exam retakes, visit the Exam Policies page.