BDSCP Certifications

Big Data Science Certified Professional (BDSCP) certifications are formal accreditations that prove proficiency in specific areas of Big Data. To obtain a certification, candidates are required to pass a set of exams. Some exams provide credit toward multiple certifications tracks.

A Certified Big Data Professional has completed one or more specialized certifications or has met minimum BDSCP certification qualifications by demonstrating proficiency in Big Data fundamentals and one additional area.

Exams: B90.01 plus one additional BDSCP exam

A Certified Big Data Science Professional has demonstrated proficiency in the analysis practices and technology concepts and mechanisms that comprise and are featured in contemporary Big Data environments and tools.

Exams: B90.01, B90.02, B90.03

A Certified Big Data Scientist has demonstrated proficiency in the application of techniques and tools required for exploring large volumes of complex data and the communication of the analysis results.

Exams: B90.01, B90.02, B90.04, B90.05, B90.06

A Certified Big Data Consultant has demonstrated proficiency in the most common Big Data analysis and analytics concepts and techniques, as well as contemporary Big Data technologies, tools and solution environments.

Exams: B90.01, B90.02, B90.03, B90.04, B90.07

A Certified Big Data Engineer has demonstrated proficiency in utilizing, configuring and programming an established Big Data solution (using Hadoop, MapReduce and other tools) to customize and optimize features in support of the Big Data Analyst role and general business requirements.

Exams: B90.01, B90.02, B90.07, B90.08, B90.09

A Certified Big Data Architect has demonstrated proficiency in the design, implementation, and integration of Big Data solutions within the IT enterprise and cloud-based environments.

Exams: B90.01, B90.02, B90.10, B90.11, B90.12

A Certified Big Data Governance Specialist has demonstrated proficiency in establishing and administering Big Data governance frameworks that standardize and regulate the Big Data lifecycle, the bodies of data processed by Big Data solutions, as well as the Big Data environments themselves.

Exams: B90.01, B90.02, B90.13, B90.14, B90.15

A Certified Big Data Trainer has completed at least one specialized certification with honors, has demonstrated exceptional communication abilities, and has sufficient hands-on project experience to meet the qualifications required to teach BDSCP courses.

Benefits of Certification

A certification is a formal documentation of accomplishments that proves that a candidate has demonstrated theoretical knowledge and practical “know how” in a particular field. The attainment of a certification brings with it several benefits that allow successful candidates to:
– Become Proficient with Vendor-Neutral, Real-World Big Data
– Focus on Mature and Proven Parts of the Big Data Industry
– Become a Project Ready Big Data Professional
– Join the AITCP Community
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