Volume Discount & Program Management

Arcitura Education is highly experienced with the management, administration and delivery of large-scale and long-term training and accreditation initiatives. Arcitura staff are proficient with the coordination, scheduling and associated logistics for the delivery of numerous training and accreditation workshops across different geographical locations and via different mediums, such as on-site, virtual and hybrid delivery methods. Arcitura can assist you in the planning, development and execution of a training plan. Arcitura staff can furthermore provide regular, on-going reporting of participant exam results and certification status.

Aggressive volume discounts are available for clients ready to make large-scale training commitments. Arcitura can collaborate with you to determine your long-term education and accreditation requirements in order to put together the most beneficial set of volume discounts possible. Flexible billing models are also available to accommodate both central billing through your purchasing department, or collective, distributed billing of individuals within your organization who may prefer to pay for courses or exams individually.

Arcitura maintains a large pool of highly qualified Certified Trainers. For each training event, we short-list trainers to best match them with your training requirements, based on trainer background, teaching style and language preferences. You are always welcome to participate in the Certified Trainer selection process. Trainer profiles can be provided for your review and interviews over phone or Skype can be arranged to allow you to speak with and assess short-listed Certified Trainers first-hand. 

If you would like to receive a quote for the delivery of a private Arcitura training workshop, please contact info@arcitura.com. For more information about including the delivery of on-site administered and proctored certification exams as part of your private workshop, please visit the Private On-site Exam Proctoring page.